Learning SQL Server 2008
Learn SQL Server 2008
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We are an Information Technology firm specializing in providing exceptional database management services. We provide MSSQL 2008 database training, consulting and recruitment services for small to medium sized companies.

Our philosophy takes a practical approach towards learning Microsoft SQL Server. Our Technical Training material is developed and produced by Senior Database Professionals. We focus on practical tips and tricks that will increase your productivity as a SQL Server DBA or MSSQL Developer. Here are some of the highlights of our Basic SQL 2008 Server training:

  • Installation of Microsoft SQL 2008
  • Using SQL configuration manager
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2008 (SSMS)
  • Databases design with MS SQL 2008
  • Security considerations in SQLServer
  • Using Transact SQL (TSQL) statements
  • DBA Administration, maintenance and job automation
  • How to do Backup and Restore plus Compression in SQL Database
  • Entity relationships in a (RDBMS) Relational Database Management Systems
  • Monitoring Performance with SQL Profiler
  • Using Views, Functions and Stored Procedures in SQL 2008 Server
  • Query optimization and index tuning in SQLServer

MSSQL 2008 Training Testimonial

"Have watched some of the MS SQL Videos and I am very happy with the content and with the relaxed manner with which it is presented, it is ideal for me!
Many thanks."

//MGK, Ireland

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