What is SQL Server

What is SQL Server? MS SQL 2008 Video Training

What is SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) from Microsoft. MSSQL is an Enterprise level database application like Oracle or MySQL. As such it is able to store and manage millions of data rows for a medium to large size corporations. Initially the product was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Sybase. There are several different versions of SQL Server in production, the most common ones are SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. If you want to try a free MS SQL version, please visit this site.

In SQL Server, you can do programming using Transact SQL aka TSQL. SQL Server 2008 has a lot of components and moving parts associated with it. We make it easier for you to get a handle on "What are all these SQL Server components?"

When you buy our Unlimited tutorial package, you will have access to our complete suite of MSSQL training materials. The complete details are listed throughout this page, but there are a few highlights:

  • How to install SQL Server 2008?
  • What is SQL 2008 Server Configuration Manager?
  • How to use SQL server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Working with SQL database objects like tables, views, functions and stored procedures
  • How to implement Security in MS SQL 2008?
  • What is SQL Server administration and job automation with SQL Agent?
  • Why do you need to monitor SQL server 2008 on a regular basis?
  • Exporting and importing data using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • How to implement a reporting solution using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Performance tuning and query optimization with SQL profiler
  • What are different types of SQL functions like a String, Aggregate and Date/time functions?
  • Working with SQL Joins and Subqueries in Sql 2008 Server
  • More than 60 Transact SQL scripts to help you be a better SQL DBA or SQL Developer!

SQL 2008 Server Training Testimonial

I am very pleased to join this learning website , it saved my hours of time by
watching these online training videos. Also an economical way of learning SQL Server 2008.
Bilal - Toronto

SQL 2008 Videos - Our YouTube Channel 

Unlimited Training Package on SQL Server

If you buy the Unlimited Training package, you will have access to the following training materials:

SQL Server 2008 Video Training :

Unlimited Training package includes Microsoft SQL 2008 Server video training.
In this tutorial video series, we cover What is MSSQL and new features in the product. This SQL tutorial is also available separately in a Training DVD or Online download format. (Buy Now page)

FREE samples from SQL Server video training:

-Using SQL Profiler in MS SQL 2008 Server 
-Installation and setup of Microsoft SQL Server 2008
-Using Transact SQL statement like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and my fav DELETE
-What is Data Compression a new feature in SQL 2008 Server
-SQL Aggregate functions like COUNT, SUM, AVG, GROUP BY in 2008 sql server  (Unlimited Training Package only)
-Deploying Business Intelligence with Microsoft Reporting Services 2008 (SSRS)  (Unlimited Training Package only)
-How to achieve High Availability with Database Mirroring in MS SQL 2008 Server (Unlimited Training Package only)

Here is brief information on the individual lessons:

Installation of SQL Server 2008 - We kick off this training video series with setting up SQL Server 2008 enterprise edition running on Windows platform. First we show you how to get the free MS SQL 2008 server download from Microsoft's web site. We also discuss options like installation center, setup support rules and feature selection. (Running time: 11 + 23 mins)

What is SQL 2008 Server configuration manager - In MS SQL 2008, configuration manager is primarily used for setting up SQL Server 2008 services and managing network protocols. In this sql tutorial, we go over all these topics and also mention some of the industry best practices form a security point of view. (Running time: 17 mins)

How to use SQL 2008 Management Studio (SSMS) - SSMS in SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 has replaced the enterprise manager from SQL 2000. SQL Server 2008 management studio is an essential tool used equally by SQL Developers and SQL DBA's alike. Important tabs like object explorer, security, server objects, replication and management are explained. (Running time: 32 mins)

Working with SQL Server 2008 database - SQL Databases and sql tables are at the heart of any relational database management system (RDBMS). In addition to creating a sql database, we point out other vital sql server 2008 options like auto shrink, recovery model, tsql scripts, alter database, template explorer, etc. (Running time: 33 mins)

What is Security in SQL Server 2008 - Database security is a critical focus when working with a database system like MS SQL 2008 Server or MS SQL 2005 Server. In this video seminar, we hit Microsoft sql server concepts like principals, logins, schemas, server roles, database roles, catalog views, object permissions, user access to securables. (Running time: 28 mins)

Using SQL statements on SQL 2008 - In this SQL 2008 video training, we will use the adventureworks 2008 sample database to learn how to use basic sql statements to manipulate sql server data. We only scratch the surface of SQL Server 2008 query language by looking at select sql, insert sql, update sql and delete sql tsql statements. (Running time: 32 mins)

SQL Server 2008 administration, maintenance and job automation - Job automation and maintenance are important if you want to learn sql server 2008 administration. We cover ms sql 2008 concepts like events, alerts and operators. We continue with SQL Server 2008 agent, job activity monitor, database mail and setting up maintenance plans. (Running time: 46 mins)

How to do SQL backup and restore plus compression feature - Using first the sql server management studio and then TSQL code, we discover SQL Server 2008 backup choices i.e. full, differential and log backups. Next item on the training agenda is how to restore a database and we walk you through some real life scenarios as well. (Running time: 38 mins)

Entity relationships in a SQL 2008 database design - Database relationships are critical when it comes to understanding SQL Server 2008 architecture. Using the adventureworks 2008 sql database, we discuss 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to many relationships. In addition we go over inner and outer sql joins and referential integrity. (Running time: 28 mins)

Why and How to Monitor SQL Server 2008 - As a SQL Server DBA, monitoring the database server is an essential daily task. In this elaborate and vital database tutorial, we dig deeper into tools like event viewer, perfmon (Windows Performance Monitor), sql 2008 server profiler, dmv's (dynamic management views) and SQL Server 2008 error logs. We end the lesson with a comparison of two tsql scripts using Profiler traces. (Running time: 68 mins)

Using SQL Views, Functions and SQL Stored Procedures - In this last video session, we brush up a bit on other important objects besides a database table. We go over sql views which can help you with complex sql select queries. Next we explain sql functions and sql server stored procedures that are used for efficient database programming. Using database mail, we send an email notifications from SQL Server 2008. (Running time: 45 mins)

If you would like additional information on these video lessons, please visit this page:

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MS SQL 2008 Presentations:

Configuration Manager using SQL Server 2008
Database Relationships in SQL 2008
SQL Server 2008 - Installation and setting up
MSSQL 2008 - Database Administration, Maintenance and Job Automation
What is SQL Server 2008 - Misc Topics
Monitoring Tools in MS SQL 2008 like perfmon, activity monitor, dmv's and sql profiler
Working with Databases and options like alter database, sp_helpdb and sp_dboption

Additional Video Training on MS SQL 2008 :

Unlimited Training package includes Additional video training on MS SQL 2008.

- MS SQL Server 2008 video training - performance tuning and query optimization using SQL Profiler
- SQL 2008 video training - Using sqlserver sqlcmd instead of osql
- SQL Server training - Exporting access database to SQL Server 2008 using SSIS 2008 package
- Microsoft 2008 SQL training video - Using database mail with SQL Server 2008 Agentl
- SQL training - Create SQL Integration Services package using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS 2008)
- SQL String Functions like REPLACE, LEN, LEFT, LTRIM, SUBSTRING, CHARINDEX and more sql functions
- How to do SQL Server joins - Using Customers database with sql joins including INNER join, OUTER LEFT AND RIGHT joins
- What is Microsoft Reporting Services in SQL 2008 - Cover BIDS, Report Server, Report Manager and other SSRS topics
- Working with Subqueries using TSQL in SQL Server 2008
- What are MSSQL Date Functions including GetDate, DateAdd, DatePart and other date related  functionsWhat is MS SQL Server
- Managing SQL indexes (clustered, non-clustered) in SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 Video Training
- How to setup Database Mirroring in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
- How to use Aggregate SQL Functions like COUNT, AVG , MIN, MAX and GROUP BY How to SQL Server
- SQL 2008 video training - Monitoring Activity with sp_who2 What is SQL Server used for
- Working with SQL Tuning Advisor to find optimal indexes What is Microsoft SQL Server 2008

More on the way ....

SQL 2008 Videos - Our YouTube Channel 

SQL Server 2000 Video Training :

Unlimited Training package also includes Microsoft SQL 2000 video training.
This online training is available via download from our partner site learningcomputer.com .

FREE samples from SQL Server video training:

SQL 2000 Video Training Sample 1 (What is SQL Server Configuration)
SQL 2000 Video Training Sample 2 (What is Data Transformation Services)
SQL 2000 Video Training FREE Sample 3 (How to create SQL Server Login)
SQL 2000 Server Training Video Sample 4 (Using ODBC Data Source)

Here is brief information on the SQL Server 2000 tutorial lessons:

What is MS SQL 2000 - Overview   - We start the tutorial series with introduction to SQL Server by covering enterprise manager, query analyzer and the sql server profiler. (Running time: 19 mins)

Installation of Microsoft SQL 2000 - In this training on 2000 SQL Server, we walk you through the setup steps and procedures. (Running time: 22 mins)

Create SQL databases and tables in sql 2000 - Using Enterprise Manager we create a new database first and then using transact sql (tsql scripts). Also we illustrate how to create a SQL table in the new database. (Running time: 22 mins)

Using DTS in Microsoft SQL 2000 server - We go over dts (data transformation services), bcp (bulk copy program) utility, and BULK INSERT sql commands in this video training, these help move data to and from SQL . (Running time: 18 mins)

SQL Server backup database and restore - In this online training demo on SQL 2000, we show you how to do various database backups like full, differential, transaction log. These are discussed with practical examples. (Running times: 9 + 12 mins)

What is Security in 2000 SQL - Topics covered in this training video lesson include: authentication, authorization, database roles, server roles, user access and object permissions. (Running time: 18 mins)

How to Perform SQL DBA tasks - For this MS 2000 tutorial lesson, we create and schedule a ms sql job for backing up a database. In addition we discuss notification services via email from SQL Server. (Running time: 19 mins)

Miscellaneous "How to" topics in SQL 2000 - In the final video on Microsoft SQL 2000, we talk about configuration, error logs, monitoring user activity, maintenance plans and using a trace in SQL Profiler. (Running times: 8 + 14 mins)

If you would like additional information on these video lessons on SQL 2000, please visit this page:

Supplemental Information on "How to SQL 2008":

Types of database relationships including one-one, one-many and many-many
Primary keys, foreign keys and referential integrity in SQL Server
Transact SQL Statements like select sql, insert sql, update sql and delete sql
Definition of sql stored procedures - sql views - sql triggers with tsql code and examples

SQL 2005 Videos - Our YouTube Channel 

Useful TSQL Scripts: :

Unlimited Training package includes Useful Transact SQL (TSQL) scripts.

Use WAITFOR DELAY command to set delay between sql server statements
How to use sp_change_users_login procedure in SQL Server 2008 to fix orphan user issue
Easy way to find high CPU utilization with tsql code in MS 2008 Server
Using undocumented xp_fixeddrives extended stored procedure to find drive space on your server from within SQL!!
Removing data from a BIG table in sql 2008 using TRUNCATE TABLE Tsql command

How do I kill orphan processes with mssearch in microsoft SQL Server
Getting a baseline query optimization with DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS
Transact (tsql) script to make a quick copy of a database table in sql 2008 server
TSQL code to drop or delete a database using if exists clause
How to create a database using SQL code with MAXSIZE and FILEGROWTH options

Using the Powerful sql xp_cmdshell stored procedure to execute OS commands from within sql 2008!
Change recovery model for all_databases at once in 2008 SQL Server using a cursor
Examples of how to add modify (alter) or drop columns from an existing sql database table
Why start and stop MS SQL Server services if you are the DBA
Basic dml statements in sql server 2008 select sql insert sql update sql and delete sql command

Using while loop in SQL 2008 Server to perform row by row operation
Tsql examples of using if else then clause in SQL Server 2008
Useful extented stored procedures like xp_readerrorlog and xp_fixeddrives
SQL programming code on how to create SQL Server 2008 login
Check if record exists in a sql server table before you do an insert into a table

What is transaction isolation level read uncommitted in ms sql server
Drop and create sql operators using tsql in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Performance Tuning tip in SQL Server with DBCC and Statistics
Moving tempdb in sql server 2008 using alter database
Find missing indexes in SQL Server 2008 with dynamic management views (dmv's)

Insert data to sql table with a sub select statement
What are SQL aggregate functions including MIN, MAX, SUM and COUNT sql functions 
MS sql 2008 example on using a cursor to loop through records one at a time
How to do looping in ms sql server stored procedurer with while loop
Get a list of columns and user tables using catalog views in SQL 2008

Change owner for SQL Server jobs to SA-0031
Create table in ms sql server using CREATE TABLE-0032 
How to input text file to sql table using bulk insert-0033
Using sql case statements for conditional logic-0035 

Find indexes using sys indexes catalog view-0036
Create temporary table in SQL Server-0037
What is SQL table variable vs temporary table-0038
Alter index with dm_db_index_physical_stats-0039
How to find and remove duplicates SQL Server-0040

What is SQL Server left outer join-0041.sql 
Using WHERE clause in MS SQL 2008-0042.sql
How to backup SQL Server database-0043.sql
SQL Script to restore sql server database-0044.sql
How to do Inner join SQL 2008 Server-0045.sql

How to declare sql variables-0046.sql 
Create index clustered index example-0047.sql 
Primary keys foreign keys-0048.sql 
SQL coalesce function sql server example-0049.sql 
Using sql stored procedure xp_fileexist-0050.sql 

How to find unique values in a field-0051.sql 
What is SQL String functions including REPLACE, SUBSTRING, CHARINDEX and LEFT-0052.sql 
More extended procedures like xp_fixeddrives-0053.sql 
Performance tuning tips part-1-0054.sql 
Performance tuning tips part-2-0055.sql 

Using sql cast conver in sql server-0056.sql 
How to send email sql server using sp_send_dbmail-0057.sql 
SQL Server date functions sql convert date-0058.sql 
Why create a view in SQL server 2008-0059.sql 
Monitor activity at the process level SQL Server-0060.sql 

How to alter database to modify data file-0061.sql 
What is detaching database in sql server-0062.sql 
What are sql server transaction techniques-0063.sql What is SQL 2008
Procedure to rebuild all indexes using information_schema-0064.sql MS SQL Server Video Training
How to delete from sql server 2008 table-0065.sql What is MSSQL

Useful DBCC Tsql commands sql 2008-0066.sql What is MSSQL
How to concat values in Sql Server-0067.sql What is MSSQL
Using sql group by having with sum count-0068.sql What is MSSQL
Advanced string functions CONCAT LTRIM RTRIM-0069.sql What is MSSQL
Examples of sub-query statements in SQL Server-0070.sql What is MSSQL


More on the way ....

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